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Posted on February 05 2018


Make sure that you consume these vitamins and nutrients to enhance your recovery. Maintaining an exercise regimen can sometimes be tough. You make time, set attainable goals, and create a plan of fitness-boosting routines. However, after a killer workout, soreness sets in and can make keeping a strict routine difficult, let alone move the morning after. At times the pain of soreness can be borderline unbearable, but relief can easily be found. Before rifling through your medicine cabinet to ease the aches, try these 5 natural vitamins that our experts at Amazing Muscle came up with to help boost your recovery.

Vitamin C

This extremely powerful anti-oxidant boosts the body’s production of collagen – connective tissue that helps repair skin tissues, tendons, and blood vessels. Vitamin C also helps rid the lactic acid! Also, Vitamin C aids the formation of testosterone and other anabolic hormones. In a study completed at the University of North Carolina, researchers found that supplementation with Vitamin C before and after a training session can reduce muscle soreness and prevent the oxidation of glutathione, an extremely potent antioxidant.

Vitamin D

Vitamin truly does the body wonders! In addition to aiding in the absorption of calcium to build strong muscles and bones, Vitamin D helps to reduce inflammation and regulate the operations of the immune system. When it comes to the production of testosterone, Vitamin D is very important. Some research studies show that even Vitamin D supplementation can significantly enhance explosiveness in adults alongside a strength-training program.

Vitamin E

During periods of intense exercise, a protein, and creatine phosphokinase – also known as CPK – seeps into the bloodstream. Vitamin E increases the actual circulation of the blood and helps rid the body of CPK more efficiently. It also prevents damage from free radicals. These free radicals can accumulate and cause your body to become more toxic, leading to an overall impaired performance, decrease in muscle growth, and is harmful to an immune system.

B Vitamins (B6, Folate, and B12)

The complex B vitamin is actually made up of 8 vitamins, each of which helps the body perform a variety of functions. They ease the breakdown of carbs and proteins, boost muscle repair, and assist in the actual development of cells. A lack of B Vitamins can lead to additional aches as well as muscle cramps during strenuous activities. Before entering a competition or heavy lifting session, be sure that you have consumed enough B vitamins!

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is notorious for its vision-boosting powers, but from a recovery standpoint, it helps strengthen the immune system and other major organs perform properly. Vitamin A also has a direct effect on testosterone, which is extremely important to the body. Also, Vitamin A plays an extremely important role in providing structural strength to muscles by promoting bone development by stimulating younger cells to mature at a faster rate.

When it comes to providing your body with the best so that you can perform at your best, consuming enough of these vitamins is EXTREMELY important to help your body recover. To ensure that you are more than prepared for your next workout, trust that the right vitamins and nutrients fuel you. A stronger you begins with us at Amazing Muscle.