5 Tips To Accomplish Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

5 Tips To Accomplish Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

It is definitely that time of the year again…time to focus on your New Year’s resolutions. It is common to begin a new exercise program as soon as January 1st rolls around, but it is also common to abandon that routine once we hit Easter. 

Despite the odds, your mind telling you to stay in bed, and your stomach telling you to eat unhealthy food, if you follow these simple tips from us at Amazing Muscle, there is NO QUESTION that you will accomplish your #FitnessGoals. 


Determine Your Readiness

Make sure that you are not only physically ready to begin a fitness program, but you are also mentally ready. Inform your doctor that you are planning on getting in shape and you want to make sure that you are healthy enough to begin. Once you have been physically cleared to proceed, consider how mentally ready you are. How likely are you to stick to the routine once you start? While there are MANY factors to be considered, here are 3 to evaluate your readiness. 

You are more likely to accomplish your goals if:

  • You have confidence in your abilities.
  • You have received encouragement from your friends and family.
  • You participate in a form of exercise that is actually enjoyable to you.

Create A Plan

Before you begin exercising, ask yourself these questions. First, when will you exercise? It is important to identify three days of the week where you can get out the door and exercise. Second, What type of exercise will you do? Focus on what exercise you want to do rather than what everyone else enjoys to do. There are so many amazing options from biking, to swimming, to running, to lifting weights. Third, how much time will you spend exercising. Start out small with 10 minutes and increase that time, as you get more comfortable with exercising. DON’T PUSH IT TOO SOON. It is common to start out an exercise routine too fast and eventually you can get tired of it. Pace yourself and YOU WILL succeed. 

Bring A Friend 

You may know someone else who promised to start exercising in the New Year as well. Begin your fitness journey together. It will absolutely increase your chances of success and will also be a lot more fun doing so. For this to work find and exercise that you both thoroughly enjoy to do. This may seem like a challenge, however it is totally worth it because a workout partner means an unwavering support system that will be by your side during your best moments and your worst moments. A great workout buddy is irreplaceable! 

Be Realistic 

One of the BIGGEST problems with New Year’s resolutions is that people tend to make their promises way too extreme. Setting goals is a phenomenal idea, but make sure they are realistic and that you can achieve them. For example, a goal to lose 12 pounds by Easter is both feasible and reasonable. So is to run a 5K by Tax Day. Conversely, having a goal to run a marathon by that day is very unrealistic and potentially unsafe for those that are new to running. Think of it as building a house. Start slow (low intensity and duration), develop a solid and strong foundation, and then build upon that foundation to become the fastest, strongest, and best person that you can possibly be. 

We believe that getting fit is extremely important not only to improve your health physically, but also mentally. This is why we believe in providing products that will enhance you physically and give you the strength to tackle any challenge that is in your day. From pre-workoutto get you ready before you workout, to protein when you recover. Put your head into knowing you can accomplish anything, but your heart into believing in yourself, and put your body in the best position possible to make your dreams a reality with #AmazingMuscle.