GRASS FED WHEY PROTEIN w/Stevia | 2lbs | 5 available flavors

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Amazing Muscle Whey Protein Powder is made from milk produced by cows that are grazed on grass and feed. Whey protein has a complete profile of amino acids that are necessary for so many important jobs in the body. Try the delicious protein powder recipes. !

This whey protein powder can be consumed in many ways. ! Make a delicious protein shake or mix smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables. Make a batch of high-protein cookies or delicious cakes. Sprinkle on yogurts, oatmeal meals, cereals, etc. to start the day. The recipes are endless!


Protein is a vital nutrient in any healthy diet, but for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, it is especially important. Proteins are used to make hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and components of the immune system. Without adequate protein, our bodies cannot put together the structures that make up every cell, tissue, and organ, nor can they generate the biochemicals necessary for cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, growth, and healing. *

Healthy and muscular weight.

Protein is the ultimate muscle food. * Without enough protein, your body cannot produce energy or build lean muscle mass in response to exercise. * Additionally, a lack of protein can inhibit fat burning, making it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight. * Protein is also key to post-workout recovery. Muscles will not heal as quickly without the adequate protein which can lead to injury or fatigue. *

Healthy bones and muscles *

A daily supply of protein is required for bone and muscle maintenance for all ages. * Age-related bone loss and muscle loss are closely related and largely dependent on maintaining muscle mass and proper function, which in turn is dependent on adequate intake of high-quality protein. *

California Proposition 65 WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to