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One of the body's most vital nutrients, l theanine is an amino acid that is needed for a wide variety of tasks. While your body can produce some theanine on its own, studies suggest that increasing the amount of the amino acid in a person's diet may provide a number of benefits.L-Theanine helps to regulate aspects of brain function in humans. More specifically, L-Theanine helps to increase the activity in the alpha frequency band which indicates that it relaxes the mind without inducing drowsiness. L-Theanine may also help to reduce stress and promote cognition and mental alertness. Theanine is believed to * Helps you with Stress* Act as a Natural Relaxer * Promotes Mental Clarity and Alertness. If your health care professional has recommended that you add an l theanine supplement to your diet, Amazing Nutrition L Theanine Dietary Supplement is the perfect supplement to choose. Our theanine 200-milligram veggie capsules contain pure l theanine with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners of any kind. Plus, our L theanine 200mg Veggie capsules do not contain sedatives or herbs, so they provide relaxation and stress reduction benefits without leaving you feeling drowsy. Amazing Nutrition L theanine supplement is manufactured in the USA at a GMP certified facility to maintain the highest possible levels of purity, potency, and safety. One bottle includes 120 veggie capsules, giving you a 4-month supply in every bottle! Promote relaxation and stress reduction with the best l theanine natural relaxer supplement! Order Amazing Nutrition L Theanine Dietary Supplement now!


In clinical studies, L-theanine has been shown to increase the alpha frequency band of brain activity. This indicates that the amino acid has a calming effect on the mind that may reduce stress and bring a sense of calm to the body. * Unlike other supplements that have potential calming benefits, l-theanine does not work by sedating the body and causing drowsiness. *


For centuries, green tea has been used in Asia to increase focus, boost cognition and enhance alertness. Scientists once believed that these benefits of green tea were owed solely to the caffeine present in tea leaves; however, research now indicates that l-theanine contributes to the cognition and alertness benefits of tea. As a result, doctors may recommend l-theanine as a natural caffeine-free alertness booster. *


Green tea has also historically been used as a natural help for cardiovascular health. Research points to the fact that l-theanine is partially responsible for tea's cardiovascular benefits. *

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