Herbal Secrets Premium Quality Organic Chia Seeds | 1 Lb

The chia seed is a tiny seed that comes from Salvia hispanica, a plant that grows throughout Central and South America. In these regions, raw chia has been eaten as a health food for centuries, and now, scientists have confirmed that chia seeds are a true super food. Incredibly dense in nutrients despite their tiny size, raw chia seeds are an excellent source of: - OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS for heart and brain health and healthy hair, nails and skin - PROTEIN for producing important substances in the body and powering important reactions - FIBER for supporting digestive and cardiovascular health - ANTIOXIDANTS for defending the body from free radical damage - IRON for healthy red blood cell production - CALCIUM for healthy bones and teeth and a healthy heart - MANGANESE for energy production, wound healing and health bones - PHOSPHOROUS for cell production, healthy bones and teeth and energy support - MAGNESIUM for cell signaling, muscle function and healthy bones and teeth If you're looking to buy chia seeds online, Herbal Secrets Organic Chia Seeds Natural Dietary Supplement is an excellent choice. Not only are chia seeds organic, but they are also completely raw and ready to be enjoyed anyway you desire. Use our chia seeds bulk package for: - Smoothies- Cereal and oatmeal topping- Yogurt topping- Salads- Baking- Granola- Snacking- Anything else you desire Experience the benefits of chia seeds yourself with a chia seeds organic bulk package that is gluten free, all natural and made in the USA. Order Herbal Secrets Organic Chia Seeds Natural Dietary Supplement and we'll send our 2-pound package of bulk chia seeds to you

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